Introducing singer/songwriter Kavi

Kavi, meaning poet or songwriter in Tamil, is an Australian singer/songwriter who relocated to Los Angeles in late 2005 to pursue her music career.  Kavi first began her love of music at the age of 4, learning traditional Srilankan Opera or Sangeetham, and spending her days playing rhyming games with songs on the radio.  She recalls that one of her oldest memories is listening to her preschool teacher talking to her parents and saying that Kavi learns better with music than through any other process.


Green Day's single When I Come Around was the first song which jolted Kavi out of her radio listening games and made her want to try and write her first song.  After admitting to listening to that song "like a million times," she wrote her first song at the early age of 13.

While Kavi kept writing, she kept her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter a secret from friends and family, until her second year of college.  In 2002, she began DJ-ing in local clubs, playing a number of university and private dance parties.  Kavi became a DJ to learn how to make R&B "club joints".

In 2005, Kavi went into the studio to record her first 6 track EP.  Kavi says that this experience was a huge learning curve and one that finally affirmed her dream of wanting to be a performer.

Following recording her EP, she supported "Rishi Rich Project" artist DJ Mak on the Australian leg of his tour, performing as the opener in both his Sydney and Melbourne show.  On the songwriting front, in 2005, Kavi was invited to various songwriting retreats sponsored by Sony Music Australia and Peer Music Australia, where her songs were considered for the opening ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games and for Australian Idol Contestant "Paulini".

Kavi has performed at many Sri Lanka Day celebrations in Santa Monica, CA, including the first Sri Lanka Day celebrations in 2006, at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade to a crowd of 400 people.  This was her first gig in the US and she says that the event "was such a great opportunity."

Kavi's song "U Got Me" was chosen as the first track on Westgrand Record's Music Heat Vol 1 compilation, with digital distribution throughout the US.  And, Kavi’s singles "Tic Toc", "U Got Me" and "Wish" receive steady rotation on several UK, US and Canadian radio stations. 

In 2009 Kavi recorded and released the two more singles, "Kiss Me" and "I Lie To Me" from her EP entitled "The Spectacle".  "I Lie To Me" won the battle of the demos on the "GoodFellas" show on KDAY 93.5FM.  Kavi’s two new singles have received steady rotation of several radio stations, including "Kamalagaze", "Indie Life Radio", "Women of Substance", and "Mix Underground” shows.  Kavi also set up her webstore at

Kavi is currently writing with many local artists in the Hollywood music scene building her repertoire of songs.  Kavi is actively licensing her music to many film and television projects, as well as being added to many terrestrial and Internet radio stations every day.

Kavi is a member of SESAC.

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